The Music of Jack Bruce - July 19th!


'See 'Dates' for info on my upcoming concert of the music of Jack Bruce. New arrangements of classics with a great band!

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Although I mostly teach in school situations, I do have some time for private lessons and for online teaching via Skype. I travel a lot and I know a lot of people who have bought the Rhythm Book are in many different parts of the world, but thanks to Skype geographic location is not an issue and time zones can be figured out. If you live in Ireland, or if I am traveling to where you live, in-person lessons are also available. Please note, though I can take beginners in Rhythm Studies, for the other subjects you would need to have some experience and knowledge.
Here is s short video about my teaching, and below, more detailed information on the various options available
I have listed the various subjects I teach below, and what you'll need to study with me. For any enquiries about lessons, contact me at:
Ronan offers lessons in Rhythm Studies, Composition, Bass and Improvisation
Equipment needed: Skype with broadband connection, computer camera
4 one-hour lessons: €140 or $175 / 5 lessons: €155 or $190

A comprehensive review of compositional techniques, especially tailored for jazz musicians, though non-jazz musicians can be catered for also. Subjects covered include structure, planning, orchestration, writing for rhythm section, melody writing, extended form writing, balancing improvised and written sections, intros and codas.
Equipment: Sequencer and notation software - music can also be handwritten and scanned
Rhythm Studies
Suitable for a beginner or advanced musician, and suitable for musicians from any genre, these lessons cover the full range of the rhythmic world, from how to improve your time to complex polyrhythms. Subjects covered include improving your time, polyrhythms, metric modulation, odd metre playing, subdivision, Konnekol, understanding grooves, and many other rhythmic topics.
Equipment: Metronome
Covering all aspects of improvisation from completely open playing, to playing convincingly over changes, playing with a good and appropriate rhythmic feel, strategies for opening up your playing, and many varied techniques for improving your improvisational technique.
Especially tailored for the jazz bassist, these lessons cover all aspects of jazz bass including walking bass line construction, soloing, solo bass, technique and various stylistic techniques for different kinds of music including Brazilian music, Afro-Cuban etc.