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by Ronan Guilfoyle - Métier

Released 2008
Released 2008
Virtuosic ensemble playing, stunning compositions, and great soloing at the cutting edge of contemporary jazz

Paul Williamson (trumpet), Michael Buckley (saxophones), Justin Carroll (piano), Ronan Guilfoyle (bass) and Sean Carpio (drums).

In April Métier, one of Ireland's leading jazz groups went into the studio and recorded their first CD, featuring new pieces especially composed for the recording by the members of the group and covering a wide range of approaches, all bearing the hallmark of the Métier group sound. The CD has been mastered in the renowned Bauer Studios in Germany and the pristine sound of the recording does justice to the virtuosic playing and innovative and exciting writing of these five musicians.

To get a preview of Métier at work in the studio go to: http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=XkJI_fsTPAk

Irish Times Review:

Métier - Paul Williamson (trumpet/flugelhorn), Michael Buckley (tenor), Justin Carroll (piano), Ronan Guilfoyle (bass) and Seán Carpio (drums) - is a bit special. The front line of Williamson and Buckley is a class act, Carroll has produced his most mature recorded work yet, Carpio is magnificent and Guilfoyle the essential fulcrum. With demanding originals, the group draws creative sustenance from the almost wilful complexities of Cascade and Skimming, serves the austere beauty of the (partly) through-composed Hymn and plays with flexibility and fire. And, behind the band's uncompromising energy, the potential for monotony (in unison statements and successive solos, for example) is frequently tempered by deftly unobtrusive writing and arranging. It's early days for them, but the bar is set high and already they sound like a real band. Irish Times July 2008