New live CD with Julian Arguelles and Jim Black

A new recording of a live trio performance with Julian Arguelles and Jim Black has just been released on the Italian Auand label. Recorded during a trio tour in 2002 the recorded captures the excitement and invention of the music of three of the finest contemporary jazz musicians of their respective countries. You can hear sound clips from the recording in my 'music' section. Review: Argüelles/Guilfoyle/Black ‘Live in Dublin’ ***** When this trio played in Dublin the night after their wonderful concert in Cork a few years ago, the question was, would the chemistry still be there? On the evidence of this recording, it was. Inside or outside the loop, their dialogue, mutually supportive and challenging, maintained a gripping level of creative responsiveness, full of wit and lyricism. With Argüelles at times recalling Rollins in his imaginative and successful risk taking, drummer Black astonishingly and quirkily inventive, and bassist Guilfoyle the infinitely flexible friend at the core, freedom was never allowed to degenerate into incoherence. Their subtlety and sustained creativity over a programme of originals by Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Argüelles, and Guilfoyle, a spontaneously created piece by the trio and a superbly deconstructed 'I Wish I Knew' make it potentially one of the albums of the year. The Irish Times, 2006

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