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New York State of Mind - with Dave Liebman

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Arthurs Pub, 28 Thomas Street, Dublin D08 VF83

Dave Liebman - saxophones Mike Nielsen - guitar Ronan Guilfoyle - bass Conor Guilfoyle - drums

A three-set a night recreation of a typical 1060s New York jazz club gig, featuring the legendary Dave Liebman on saxophone with his long time Irish collaborators the Guilfoyle/Nielsen Trio

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Musicians' Comments Ronan Guilfoyle's book is quite possibly the best on the use of rhythm in improvised music.Rhythm is the least explored frontier of music, and this book goes well beyond existing books on the subject. Ronan's explanation of metric modulation is the clearest and best I've ever seen. Great book." - Mark Levine Ronan Guilfoyle's treatise is the first clear explanation of the more recent rhythmic developments in contemporary jazz. Most importantly, it provides specific exercises for practicing those techniques. It is concise and to the point. This is a must for artists trying to expand their rhythmic vocabulary." - David Liebman In a music marketplace awash with books about scales, voicings, and harmony, "Creative Rhythmic Concepts for Jazz Improvisation" is a necessary, welcome addition. Clearly written and laid out, it is a source book of rhythmic ideas from a variety of the world's cultures that will help every creative musician expand his or her improvisational world. Before you buy any other book on improvisation, get this one. It belongs on every improviser's music stand." - Jim McNeely This is the most comprehensive book about rhythm that I have ever seen. The explorations and examples from cultures around the world will truly broaden your horizons and multiply what you already know about improvising melody a thousand-fold. Thanks, Ronan. A great contribution for all improvising musicians." - Marc Johnson This is a fascinating book that gives a fresh and all important look at rhythm and its use in improvisation. Not only helpful in playing odd metres naturally, but in applying metric groups to to traditional song form." - John Abercrombie Creative Rhythmic Concepts for Jazz Improvisation is a text of enormous magnitude! It should be required reading for all persons who have decided to embark on the arduous journey of learning how to express their musical feelings through the medium of jazz improvisation." - Keith Copeland As a drummer and teacher I strongly agree with one of the premises of this book - most non-drummer jazz students give much higher priority to the study of melody and harmony than they do to the study of rhythm. The concepts presented in this book promote both a practical and theoretical guide to ideas about rhythm - modulation, superimposition, co-ordination, grouping and counting among others, that can only help the jazz student widen his/her playing. As ethnic musics from around the world continue to influence jazz, the ideas in this book will prove invaluable to improvising musicians for years to come." - Eliot Zigmund You can buy it - click here!