Alone With The Marcustico 

I got this beautiful Marcustico bass last year, and this album is a celebration of the instrument and of the power of music to give direction in hard times. This was all recorded during the pandemic, each piece was completely improvised regardless of whether it had a pre-determined form or not - there are no arrangements, just spontaneity. The pieces are comprised of grooves, sounds, moods... covering the wide range of feelings I had in these challenging yet unique times. 

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Ronan Guilfoyle

(UTC-12) (UTC-12)

Vintage Room, Workman's Club, 10, Wellington Quay, Dublin

On Wednesday 26th of October, at the Workman’s Club, Ronan presents the debut of Bemusement Arcade, his innovative new quartet, devoted to expanding the rhythmic language of jazz via the tradition of blues, swing and standards.

Joining Ronan in this adventure are three brilliant young musicians; Sam Norris, who at only 24 is already recognised as one of the UK’s most exciting young saxophonists; Chris Guilfoyle who has already established himself as one of Ireland’s leading guitarists, and Darren Beckett, the powerhouse Belfast drummer who carved out an international career based in New York, and now in the UK.

Bemusement Arcade will be going into the studio to record their first album in the days following this concert, which will take place in the intimate setting of the Vintage Room in the Workman’s Club. Come and join them for this trip into a new landscape – expect grooves, blues, swing and lots of rhythmic intrigue!

Ronan Guilfoyle – bass

Sam Norris – alto

Chris Guilfoyle – guitar

Darren Beckett - drums

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